Ending Drug Misuse in the Community,
as a Community.

We work to prevent and reduce youth and adult substance use by building community capacity and supporting substance use prevention, early intervention, and treatment through recovery-oriented systems.

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Helping the Community

Substance Misuse

If you’ve been affected by substance abuse, it can feel like your life has been ruined, but this lifestyle doesn’t have to be your stopping point. There is a path to recovery. We’re here to offer you guidance and aid you in whatever way or extent that you are comfortable with. Take the first step by checking out our resources and learn how you, too can have a substance abuse-free life. We welcome all of our
community members to
become involved in the
coalition, Individuals,
businesses, agencies,
organizations, schools, faith-based leaders, and more!

Struggling to Break Free?

Get assistance.

You don’t have to go through this alone. We’re here to help in the areas you need. We have a number of resources to help get you back on track.

Your Partners in Recovery

Meet Our Staff

This Is Your Journey.

Get the Support You Need.

Our resources will support you in your journey to living a substance abuse-free life, and our staff will be here alongside you, every step of the way.